Dentistry: Specialist Services

In addition to our gold-standard general practice dentistry, Griffin Animal Hospital provides monthly specialty services through Dr. Kristin Scott from CROWN Veterinary Dental Specialists of Charlotte. Dr. Scott is available by appointment only for in-person consultations, in-hospital consultations, and dental and oral surgical procedures.  She is here to provide care to all pets in Columbia and the surrounding areas – even if your pet is not a patient at GAH, they can still be seen as a referral patient!  Dr. Scott is happy to speak with you or your veterinarian to coordinate care.


Some of the dental specialty procedures performed at Griffin Animal Hospital include:

  • Challenging extractions or managing complications of extractions performed elsewhere
  • Certification of dentition and occlusion
  • Management or correction of misaligned teeth through multiple methods, including orthodontic movement
  • Oral surgery: fracture repair, tumor removals (maxillectomy or mandibulectomy), a biopsy of oral masses palatal and soft tissue repair, removal of impacted teeth, surgical treatment of cysts within the upper or lower jaw
  • Root canal therapy to save mature teeth
  • Vital pulp therapy to save immature teeth
  • Metal crown placement (prosthodontics) to protect worn teeth from fracturing or after root canal therapy
  • Periodontal surgery to save teeth or maintain jaw strength after extractions; this may include bone grafting and the development of new bone.
  • Gingivectomy to remove excessive gum tissue and restore the normal shape and contours of the gums (gingiva)
  • Oral medicine: medical management of feline stomatitis and canine oral inflammatory disorders, pain management for end stage oral cancers
  • Restorations of enamel fractures, genetic enamel defects or cavities
  • Emergency care for fractured teeth and most jaw fractures.  If Dr. Scott is not at Griffin Animal Hospital when your pet has a dental emergency, she is often available to speak to your veterinarian and make recommendations for care.


Kristin I. Scott Crown vet dental specialists


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